My New Year’s Resolution Reading Challenge #NewYearBooks — 2 Comments

  1. I’m taking part in one Reading Challenge, which is to read more books off my TBR (again!). One of these days I will end up with getting more books out of my house, honest!

    I do have other resolutions, too many to mention, and they will be posted up on my blog ( in the new year. They are very similar to this year’s, which on the whole I met.

  2. Joy

    This was a great challenge .

    My 2016 reading challenge includes
    1. Reading my shelves – I have great volumes I’ve purchased but haven’t read yet
    2. Expand my black female literary fiction to include women of color literary fiction – discovering some great women writers across the globe that I’d like to discover
    3. Dabble again at some of the classics we had to read in high school or avoided reading in high school like Anna Kareninia, My Antonia, and The Bell Jar, for instance
    4. Read at least one male work, thinking about that #1 and Man Gone Down, it is autographed, have to read it.

    There. I thought about it, put it down, and now sharing it with the world. Let’s see how it goes.

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