Sunday Salon for 21 January 2024 — 15 Comments

  1. It was sooo cold here last week — I was super glad I was staying at my parents’, so we didn’t have to pay the bill for the heating, ha.

    I never read a book about doing bullet journaling, but used to find it kind of helpful. But it was also kinda work to keep it all going, and I ended up stopping. Do you think you’ll do bullet journaling? Or is it more taking inspiration for your own thing?

    • I’m going to experiment with it for a couple of months and, then, decide. I’ll try to remember to report on my experiment a few times in Sunday Salon.

  2. That’s a great photo you included — Florence Nightingale was really amazing to see. It really demonstrates what a long time it’s been since that era. TV dramas often gloss this over.
    best, mae at

  3. I watched a movie to go with each of the Jane Austen books I read long ago when a couple of bloggers sponsored Austen in August. This time of the year is perfect for a Jane Austen movie, I think.

    I look forward to seeing what you do (or don’t do) with what you learned from the bullet journaling book.

  4. It’s been so cold! I feel like we never got to acclimate to winter at all – it was just warm then all of a sudden the Arctic. Lol. I am so excited you are participating in Jane Austen January with us! I am enjoying your location posts!

  5. That’s so fun that you watched Cary Grant’s biopic. I’d love to watch that. I hope it becomes available in the US. Or if it already is that I can find it. I have yet to watch Dick Van Dyke’s birthday spectacular.

    I’m glad you’re enjoyed THE MIDNIGHT LIBRARY so much that you’re finding time to listen to it even though you haven’t been able to walk. I love that book so much. SO MUCH.

    Sorry it’s been so cold in your neck of the woods. It’s been cold her as well. We’re pretty cold here too, but not below 0 yet so that’s something at least.

  6. I jumped over and read your Violin review since that book is here on my shelf. Sounds good but I am SO not a mystery person. I really hope I can get into it. We shall see.

  7. That’s quite a photograph of Florence Nightingale. That’s neat to follow the film locations of the Austen movies. I always like to know where films have been made.

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