Books I Didn’t Read in 2023 #TopTenTuesday — 22 Comments

  1. Sigh. So many books. So little time. It’s always interesting to see what others are reading. Have to try Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow. Been hearing about it for a long time.

  2. My “I didn’t get to” list includes Tom Lake, and two non-fiction books “Prequel” by Rachel Maddow, and “The Cost of Free Land” by Rebecca Clarren. I’m going to read the last two shortly. I’ve read Lessons in Chemistry, which I nearly put on the DNF pile a couple of times, but a few chapters in it caught fire and I absolutely loved it. I can also highly recommend Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow.

  3. I still need to get to the Gabrielle Zevin novel too. But something about the gaming world makes me hesitate. Just beware that the Oliphant book is quite dark in places … I was surprised by that. it was good to read but I dont think it’s for everyone.

  4. I finally got around to reading Beautiful Ruins just before we went to Italy last year. We will be discussing Eleanor Oliphant at our February book club meeting. There are a lot of people in our book club who had never heard of it, so you are probably not the last person to read it! lol

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