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  1. Such an interesting work, Joy, I really enjoyed looking at the places. I love Jane Ausetn and even though Emma is not my favourite, it’s also not my least favourite book of her. And I must have watched all the film adaptations several times. My favourite is the mini-series from 1972, probably because they had more time to showcase the story. But yes, the scenery in this one is fantatastic. And, same as you, I really loved Jeremy Northam in this role. “Try not to shoot my dogs!” 😉

  2. Thanks for sharing this! We are watching Emma probably tomorrow night; I have not seen the Paltrow version for a while. I agree, Emma is … hmm. I did enjoy Clueless. LOL. And the newest version is absolutely gorgeous and saturated with color which I enjoy in the winter.

    Mapperton! I know about that from the Ladies of London show or whatever it is called on Bravo. I have not watched that in forever though.

    And thank you for participating in Jane Austen January with us! I am loving these posts!

  3. I am so behind on reading posts so I apologize for my delay in commenting but I loved this post! I am checking those YouTube channels out and the sites you have linked here. I have so much fun with your posts and I’m glad you do this and take us to places I otherwise wouldn’t see!

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