Bookish Goals for 2024 #TopTenTuesday — 17 Comments

  1. I love your goals! I love that you are aligning them with what makes you happy. I’ve been struggling with shoulds versus wants, and your goals are inspiring me to review mine to be more happiness-inducing. Lol! Good luck on all of them!

  2. Funny thing about the Open University, now you mention posting about it: my dad and I did part of the same course, twenty years apart. He did his while I was a baby, nudging me in my rocker while taking notes on his lectures, which were shown on late-night TV. His final degree was different than mine, but still. It’s kinda funny to think about.

    Good luck with all the goals! Reading for sheer delight is an important one.

  3. Keeping well ahead of your posts is such a great goal. I did better last year around this time than I have been this year (which is not at all!). I keep telling myself I will set aside time to prep posts but then I get distracted or pulled away by work or my family. One of these days! And I love your “write a bad first draft of my novel”. Just getting something on paper is huge. Going back and making it presentable is easier in many ways if you have something to work with. My favorite of your goals is the last one though. 🙂 Good luck with all your reading and writing goals, Joy!

  4. I love the idea of writing a “bad” first draft of a novel. I’m the kind of writer who agonizes over every word, even when I’m writing an email so trying to pen a novel is just agonizing. Giving yourself permission to write a “bad” first draft seems like an excellent way to just get everything out there. Good luck with this and all your other goals.

    Happy TTT (on a Wednesday)!


  5. Writing thematically is a great point, I do tend to find the same where when I have an
    “angle” to focus on, I somehow get more creative when working within a constraint of some kind. Top Ten Tuesdays even do this too!:) Have fun with your goals this year!

    • Not since I was a kid. I keep being tempted, although a lot has changed since 1943 when my novel was set, so books and newspapers may be more useful to me.

  6. I’ve always loved reading, and my goal is trying to limit time online so I can do more pleasure reading. It may be a strange goal for someone who also blogs daily but I felt starved for reading time as 2023 ended.

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