A Fever in the Heartland #BookReview #BookClub — 6 Comments

  1. What an interesting part of history and of your family. How times have changed and moved forward, mostly. I didn’t know this about Indiana. Thanks for sharing the book and your memories.

  2. This is Pat from the Saturday BLM meet up requesting information about your Kirkwood Library Book Club. Which book are you reading for this month’s meeting and remind me what is the day/time for the club meeting? The book we discussed Saturday is Danzy Senna’s novel Caucasia. I understand the club mostly reads non-fiction. So, this is not a suggested reading for the club, but if you haven’t read it, allow me to give a strong recommendation. I found this book helped me understand better the struggles of a black female growing up Black compared to her twin’s life experience who passed for White. Thanks for giving this your attention. Pat

  3. Why is there not more chatter about this book?

    This is a book everyone needs to read. I have shared my copy with several people, all were shocked and a little afraid of history repeating itself.

    I don’t generally read historical nonfiction but this one grabbed my attention from the beginning.

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