Sunday Salon for 30 July 2023 — 8 Comments

  1. Maybe there’s nothing that can stop the big agriculture and food industry from filling the supermarkets with ultra-processed food throughout the entire planet. For some people it’s better than hunger. What a nightmare this has become.
    best, mae at

  2. It is a constant battle to eat healthy, right? I’m happy to hear you had some good results from your efforts and it’s inspired me to cut down on processed foods too. I already don’t eat a lot, but I do love crackers and chips. I did have microwave movie popcorn while watching Happiness For Beginners the other night. Need to find my air popper. Good luck on your writing class!

  3. I haven’t had covid, either, unless I may have had a mild case at the beginning. I do have a cough right now, but put that down to a summer cold as I feel perfectly well otherwise. I was just talking with an elderly friend who loved Barbie and has us convinced to watch it.

  4. My sister and my BFF both died within 8 months of each other. The BFF and I are the same age and Sis was 3 years younger than us. My BFF and sister ate nothing but healthy, organic fruits & veggies and wouldn’t be in the same room with a preservative, artificial color, dye, or anything else processed.

    I eat anything and everything. Processed food, junk food, fast food, you name it, I eat it.

    Why are the two healthy, conscientious eaters dead and I’m still alive? I don’t know. I don’t get it. I don’t understand it. But I’m very grateful.

  5. I’ve read quite a few food and food science books over the last several years, and it sounds like Ultra-Processed People fits right into that category. I’ve made a lot of progress in weeding processed foods from our diets, but we can always do better. We just got covid for the first time this month… so careful for so long, all the shots, and still got it. If I hadn’t tested, I would have thought it was an extra-bad cold. I really want to see the Barbie movie!

  6. I got a lot on my novel written this summer once I let go of trying to write a good novel. But I haven’t really written anything in the last three weeks—we have been too busy traveling. Sigh. Good luck with your novel and with the course.

    One day during the pandemic, I picked up my grocery order. It didn’t take more than a minute of looking at the order when I got home to realize something was wrong…chips, cookies, soda…I’m pretty sure there was nothing but processed food in the whole order. I look forward to seeing your review.

  7. I need to see Barbie! I am glad that you were able to go and feel safe. 🙂 We are still feeling our way around some with this post-pandemic but Covid still here world, and went to a restaurant for the first time last week!

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