Book Review: Food Rules by Michael Pollan, illustrations by Maira Kalman — 22 Comments

  1. I had this one on my list, now after seeing Jama’s interview with Maira Kalman and now your review I’m going to pick it up. I know I wouldn’t follow all the rules, but this book sounds like it would give me lots of food for thought. I do use the one with ingredients I can’t pronounce.

  2. I already found this quite interesting when I read about it on Bath Fish’s blog. Now another post in favour of it! I will definitely have to put it on my list.

  3. If I were going to eat that much starch and protein together in one meal with only a couple of tomato slices for a veggie, it would have to be a very special occasion. And, if it’s a special occasion, why am I eating alone in my car?

    Straight up, girl. What a quote!

  4. Love what you say about eating alone and even if you have to spend a special occasion alone, you surely don’t have to spend it in your car!

  5. What perfect timing! Wonderful to share the Pollan and Kalman love.

    I love this illustrated version of Food Rules and had to own it because of Maira. I swear I’d buy anything with her name on it, and I don’t feel that way about anyone else.

    Really appreciated what you said in this post about your own journey with healthier eating. It’s very challenging indeed to “follow the rules” in our society when big business controls the food supply — how it’s grown, produced, marketed and distributed. Don’t get me started on the whole Monsanto thing. But at least there is more dialog now about healthy eating and such a thing as “food politics,” and encouraging that our First Lady is a strong advocate for food initiatives like preventing childhood obesity, etc.

    Maira has always loved to draw food, but even she has said that now she’s trying to avoid eating as much cake. Sigh.

    Thanks for this post — love the spread you shared today :).

  6. Great post, Joy. I agree with everything you say in this post. I probably already adhere to many of the Food Rules book, with the exception of eating simple carbs too often. Special occasions only… not every day. It’s a challenge, but not one that can’t be achieved. I think I should read this book for some inspiration to reaffirm myself to better food rules. Thanks for the motivation !

  7. I KNOW that I need to read some of Pollan’s books but I’ve been a little intimidated. I know that we don’t eat the way that we should–which is why we’re trying to remedy that with the Eat it Real challenge. Seems so simple but it’s hard giving up some of the crap first–even if it is just crap (dang those Girl Scout Cookies!).

    Love the bit about special occasions–and if it’s so special, why are you eating in your car. Fantastic review!

  8. Yay. Two Maira Kalman posts this week. That makes me so happy. 🙂 I agree that today’s food environment can be confusing for everyone.

    I’m impressed with the changes you’ve made to your daily diet.

  9. First of all, let me say I enjoyed reading all of your St. Patrick’s Day food posts. I’m glad you included the links. I was away last weekend and I would have missed that.

    Second, thanks for reminding me about this book. I’ve had it on my kindle for a very long time. I know this is one of the seminal works in this field, but now to be enhanced by the illstrations of Maira Kalman, that’s makes it a must-read.

  10. My library has a couple of different version of this book, but not this particular version with the illustrations. I might borrow it once my self imposed ban for requesting books from the library is over

  11. I’m glad the Kalman-illustrated edition encouraged you to take another look at FOOD RULES; gorgeous, isn’t it?! And presented in a way that the youngest in our family (7) gets it, and can talk about the illustrations and the concept they portray.

    We’re aware of the ‘food rules,’ but need to work on making small, incremental changes around here … baby steps!

  12. I read the old version of this book and while I didn’t think it presented a lot of new material, I appreciated the simple reminders of how to eat healthy. It looks like the illustrations in this version are gorgeous!

  13. A great book and a great review, Joy! Like many of the rest of us studying and communicating about nutrition and health, Pollan sees the value of making us stop and think about what we feed ourselves. Thanks for the trackback!

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