Annika #TVReview #BriFri — 2 Comments

  1. I really like Nicola Walker’s work and I have seen and enjoyed Annika. I just had to Google and a series 2 is planned but not yet filmed.

    I have been continuing me research into my distant cousins and this week published a piece about one of Raul’s sisters and one of his brothers too – the brother Vierville was not very nice I think – I am not a fan of hunting and there were other incidents too which were most unattractive. I was pleased to discover that Cerise painted and thrilled to find a sketch of her wedding gown.

    Regards frrom Australia

  2. I’ve never seen Nicola Walker in anything but I would like to try some of the shows you mentioned. The way you describd her talking to the camera reminds me of how Kevin Spacy’s character did that in House of Cards.

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