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  1. LOVED that show too. Left me wanting more, such an unusual premise re: Nicola Walker’s part (trying to avoid spoilers). I adore her, btw, and know her from Scott & Bailey and also love her in Last Tango in Halifax where she plays Derek Jacobi’s daughter. I think she’s in MI5 too!

  2. I am going to see if my library has it! I like a bit of humor otherwise some shows are just too damn depressing so this sounds like my kind of viewing. Thanks Joy!

  3. You have educated me on yet another BBC mystery! I have not even heard of this show but we don’t get netflicks. I will have to see when our library gets it in, sounds like my cuppa tea. Love the DCI stories.

    I wanted to participate this week but work exhausted me, just before vacation when I got home I plopped down, lol

  4. I’m late to this week’s party, because I actually am in the UK! This is the first time we haven’t been going going going. It’s Sunday evening and the news is all about HM’s birthday, Euro2016 (soccer) and the upcoming referendum…

  5. Yes I just saw the first episode of River this past week on Netflix and we intend to watch the next 5 as well. It’s a bit quirky but I love the actors in it, and will see what I think of the rest. Have you also seen Broadchurch?

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