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  1. Oh Joy, I absolutely love police procedure books and shows! This is indeed a good one. I have also watched DCI Banks, anothe rBritish detective show. The books would need to be read first though, in my opinion, as they start that show in book 14, so you end up with spoilers if you haven’t read all the way through the series.

    I like the scenery and accents and all of it in Hinterland. Glad you are enjoying it,

  2. I’ve only driven through Wales once on our way to the ferry from Fishguard to Ireland. It was intriguing reading the signs. We went into a pub for dinner and everyone was speaking Welsh.

  3. I’ve seen Hinterland a couple of times but so far haven’t been hooked on it … maybe too dark for my mood when I checked it out or perhaps the language? Not sure because I seem to enjoy almost any of the police procedurals set in the British Isles.
    I discovered a new one, btw, when you’re looking for something fun … Vexed with Toby Stephens. It’s a quirky comedy with Stephens as a charming slacker cop.

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