A Sunlit Weapon by Jacqueline Winspear #BookReview #BriFri #histficreadingchallenge — 3 Comments

  1. Joy, I hope I didn’t double link but I noticed my name appeared as Tina at Novel Meals (my old blog) instead of Turn the Page.

    This book looks intriguing and I love the sound of the plot.

  2. I am still in the throes of exploring my family history which keep me as entertained as fiction 😉 This week I have shared a link to a post of a cousin Valerie who was frequently photographed. One of her sons was in World war 2 in the British special forces and served as an intelligence officer. It is thought that perhaps Le Carre named his Smiley character inspired by David. He has a Wikipeda article at . I have just ordered a biography of his life “The Clandestine Lives of Colonel David Smiley: Code Name ‘Grin'” Looking forward to reading it.

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