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  1. I haven’t seen the British Baking show but I wouldn’t mind viewing if our library gets a copy. I love my library – it lets me armchair travel while I can’t and of course, I learn things.

    Low sodium baking powder? I didn’t know you could get it with low sodium. I will certainly look for that. The holiday time with all the treats coming in the office can be dangerous and I can relate to going overboard. If I resist it then by the time I decided to eat a doughnut or cookie, I find it so incredibly sweet. My husband and I lost a lot of weight avoiding sweets and eating mostly vegetarian for a while. So now we are extra cautious.

  2. I agree with you Joy, most of the things they make I am not going to try at home so it is just really fun watching! This summer when I was in the UK we went to a high tea and some of the delights I was familiar with from the show so I didn’t have to ask my niece to interpret for me!

  3. I scour the GBBS for the ancient / unusual recipes – and occasionally the biscuit ones -but I love the combinations that the contestants come up with – things that I wouldn’t normally look at that I can add to my own baking at home.

  4. I’m a big fan of the show and have seen all the seasons aired on PBS so far. Like you, I’m not tempted to make any of the things they bake. I’m very content with watching all the techniques, learning about new recipes, rooting for my favorite bakers, and enjoying the antics of the hosts. Love the set — those pastel colored baking stations and mixers are so pleasing to the eye, and I also appreciate their choice to feature diverse contestants.

  5. Yes! exactly — I love the show and the true friendships that seem to develop. Plus I really learn something from watching and the cast is wonderfully diverse in all ways: age, culture, background, and lifestyle. There is something relaxing about it, even if you don’t really want to replicate the baking.

  6. Thanks for the tip about the GBBS Christmas specials. We have watched all the other episodes with great pleasure, though I can’t say we have ever tried any of the recipes! The relationships between the contestants and the hosts/judges are so pleasant and friendly that we just enjoy seeing how they work.

    best… mae at

  7. The Great British Bake off, as we know it, is much of my favourites to watch! I just watched the first of the Christmas specials and I am planning to watch the second shortly!!

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