Whole Wheat Flax Bread — Weekend Cooking — 16 Comments

  1. Oh this one looks good. I bought a couple of different types of flax seed last spring for baking and haven’t used them much. This is just the recipe I need to get them out of the freezer. I too freeze half loaves. Otherwise I’d have to bake every day!

  2. I make bread all the time and I freeze some of it too. It stays fresh so much longer. There is nothing like the yeasty aroma of bread baking. Nice post!

  3. That is a beautiful loaf. I also make all of our bread now and freeze most of it. Homemade bread makes an ordinary sandwich something special.

  4. Thanks for the tips about overindulging — definitely needed when it comes to homemade bread! I can just smell that beautiful loaf baking. Had never heard of adding cottage cheese to the dough, and I do like to add flax seeds to my baking whenever possible.

  5. Hi Joy – great post. I finally learned to indulge myself with just small portions! It took me over 50 years to finally start getting that right! Have a super week.

  6. I am going to pin this. I recently got my hands on flax seeds, but I haven’t got much experience with it yet. So this seems like a good oppertunity. I only have no idea what sorghum is, so I need to see if I can get that here.
    We only bake bread on Sundays over here.

    • You could replace the sorghum with a different syrup or with sugar. I use sorghum mostly because it’s locally produced.

  7. that’s it – I’m asking for a bread machine this Christmas! I’m more a savoury type of person, so this bread is just perfect!

  8. Looks delicious! My husband is the bread baker in our family, though. I can never knead it enough to get it light. I love your photography, with the bread and jar of seeds arranged in front of the window like that.

  9. Your bread looks great and flax is super healthy! I guess using vital wheat gluten, water or plant-milk and agave syrup or sugar would make this a good vegan recipe. 🙂

    • That would work. For a slightly darker flavor, this would probably be good sweetened with a tablespoon of molasses and two tablespoon of sugar.

  10. This is an absolutely beautiful, sunny looking loaf! I know I’d love it…I am a huge fan of flaxseeds (especially golden ones). And yeah, I tend to over-eat on homemade bread. It’s irresistible!

  11. This looks great! I have a question about freezing bread – I’ve done that before and had it come out soggy when thawed. Maybe it wasn’t cooled enough before I put it in the freezer? Maybe I should have sliced it first (and then just thawed a slice or two at a time?) Any tips?

    • I freeze half of a loaf, unsliced, by wrapping the cut end in aluminum foil, then freezing it in a ziploc bag.

      Perhaps the problem is in the thawing? I take the bread out of the ziploc bag to thaw or it would get soggy in its own condensation.