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  1. I loved, loved, loved The Man Who Invented Christmas. I watched it twice while I had it out from the library. And I would have watched it another time if I could have squeezed it in! I wish there was a film showing Dickens writing each of his novels!

  2. I preferred “The Collection” on PBS to Phantom Thread -but I watched the whole thing (like books – I’m loathe to not finish something just in case it finds new feet and resolves issues). I think I prefer Branagh in his slight ‘ott’ characters – and like you – prefer Suchet’s Poirot…. perhaps it’s the ‘familiar’ for me. Dove into Maigret with Rowan Atkinson – and loved the production of this new 50’s series – especially the feel that comes from a Foyle-like character. A handful of reads this week too…. I need to see The Man Who Invented Christmas…. and haven’t seen Mulder on he Orient Express – yet.

  3. I think my expectations for Orient Express were so low, I ended up enjoying it. Phantom Thread was a disturbing film, one I couldn’t stop thinking about. What I took away from the movie was an interest in Lesley Manville who plays the sister. I’ve just discovered her British series, Mum, in which she is HILARIOUS. Highly recommend that one.

    • I couldn’t comment on your blog but loved seeing the trailer for the film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s story and thanks for sharing the audio links to his reading that too.

  4. My recent reading included “Train” by Tom Zoellner, which included a chapter on his rail trip from the northernmost RR station in Scotland to the extreme south of England. However, my review had more about the other chapters. It’s a terrific book and I recommend all of it!

    My favorite British series includes Midsommer Murders (new ones coming today if I’m not mistaken) and several other detective series, as well as the David Suchet Poirot — but those are old news.

    I’m glad to see what other people are watching!

    best… mae at

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  6. Hi Joy, I just added my ‘This Friday In Britain’ post to your linky. There are maybe two words of everyday English language type in my post that are sometimes labelled offensive to readers of other cultures/English language variants. Not the ‘F’ word and nothing we’d label as offensive in England. Run of the mill social commentary is probably the category my post matches with best, inspired by the news, while I don’t get out and about much to show places of interest etc. I’ll dig into my archives and see what I can come up with although this challenge might help me drag myself out a little more often ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d like to find out more on some of these books too. About to head off and read other posts in the linky then I’ll be back to catch up with your A to Z posts. Best wishes, hope you’re having a good weekend and a good week ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

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