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  1. X – I think rarely if at all – that’s a strange one…. and Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society is a film? Oh goodness – I can’t wait. I didn’t get last week’s up until today (my fault) but this week a couple of mystery-laden titles and one lovely chick lit…. but I spent the past week in old television – Hamish MacBeth, Ballykissangel, Vicar of Dibley and some Cadfael –

  2. While X marks the spot, you’re right – it’s so hard to find an actual word that starts with this magical letter. Thanks for the history of it! Xenophilia is such an intriguing word to me (as discussed at as I find it embodies so many creative views in one word.

    Thanks for taking on the A to Z Challenge!

    And thanks for reading,

    Sarah Butland
    author of Arm Farm, Blood Day and more!

  3. Just Xray and Xerox. There are a few drugs that start with the letter X but they are hard to say. Chinese names use X but not many English names or words for sure!

  4. I only use Xavier regularly, the name of someone I know. There is some new restaurant in town called Xenia’s Beach Bar and I suppose sometime I will go there so I will say it out loud. X is difficult. Last year, I used words beginning with X but this year I cheated and went with eXpat.

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