Y is for Yorkshire Pudding #AtoZChallenge #BriFri — 10 Comments

  1. I had the real thing at a home in England once long ago: that is, cooked under the drips of a large cut of roast beef. As I understand it, it you just bake it in muffin pans, you should call it popovers. Same batter, different flavor. It’s not clear to me if you actually tried making it?

    best… mae at

  2. I love Yorkshire puddings, can’t get enough of them! I’m vegetarian, so whenever we go to the pub for Sunday lunch (usually a carvery), I get to have an extra Yorkshire pudding instead of the meat and I always fill them up with mashed potatoes and veggie gravy. Heaven! I’m not adventurous enough to try them sweet, though, even if they are similar to pancakes!

  3. These days most people seem to either buy ready made frozen yorkshire puddings (they’re very cheap and just need putting into a hot oven to cook) or use a ready-mix that you just add milk to. Home made are best, although I like to have small frozen ones available as they bake in very few minutes and are lovely eaten with jam.

    • I had no idea that you can buy frozen yorkshire pudding. I wonder if anyone sells them in St. Louis, Missouri. 🙂

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