R is for Royal Succession #AtoZChallenge #BriFri — 6 Comments

  1. We (using royal here since the DH was curious after her disgraceful behavior in Australia) were digging through Camilla’s history … personally I find her much like Wallis – and with family particularly disinclined to see that woman favorably – I’m not a fan. At any rate – the digging showed her having an ancestor (alice – great grandmother) who was Edward VII’s mistress. His comment – it’s in the family…. yeah – it’s a curious wormhole to dig through.

  2. While I might pay attention if something catches my eye in the news I don’t go out of my way to ‘royal watch’. It would be lovely if Anne could succeed the throne and leave William and Kate to enjoy raising their children, but even lovelier if Queen Elizabeth could reign long into the future. Obviously that’s not likely.

  3. Now I’m curious what Camilla did in Australia! I’m not a royal-watcher by habit, but I read headlines in line at the grocery store. I’m quite fond of the Danish royal family since I lived there for a while, and Danish magazines are every bit as gossipy about their royals as the Brits are.

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