J is for The Jane Austen Project #BookReview #AtoZChallenge — 7 Comments

  1. Mmmh, this book seems like a challenge to me. I have dislike any time travel book I ever read, I just can’t seem to get around the fact that it’s not possible. 😉

    Then, I also don’t like authors picking up other author’s books, sequels written to books of which the writer has passed away a long time ago.

    Still, Jane Austen IS one of my favourite authors and I know she left behind ideas on how her stories would go on. So, what do you think, should I try this one?

    Anyway, always happy to discuss books, whether I read them or not. 😉

    Have a good day,

    • At the start of the book, the main characters have just “landed” so there isn’t any time to think about the impossibility of time travel, we’re immediately immersed into the practical difficulties. Would that help? This didn’t feel like a sequel, more of a fantasy visit to Jane Austen’s time and world. So, I think it’s worth a shot for you, especially if you can get it at the library. Give it 50 pages — you won’t have met Jane Austen by then, but you’ll have a good idea whether the time travel aspect is working for you.

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