K is for Kettle #AtoZChallenge — 6 Comments

  1. I hadn’t realised a kettle would be an unusual household item in America. I’ve also never known it to be called a tea kettle. Although domestic filter coffee machines have become more readily available and perhaps slightly popular over recent years I think most coffee drinkers over here still tend to use instant coffee granules so the kettle is generally favoured for all kinds of hot drinks. I hadn’t realised I’d got so behind with your A to Z posts but think I’ve caught up reading now and an enjoyable visit it was too, thanks šŸ™‚

  2. It’s a whole different world! The phrase ‘put the kettle on’ has some emotional significance for me. It’s what my Dad always says when he phones, and I know it means he is popping round in a few minutes, it always makes me smile. It’s what we say at work when we’re having a rough day and we need a break-it represents a kind of camaraderie. It’s also one of the first things my mum says when there is a crisis or we have received bad news. It makes sense because the warmth and sweetness of a brew help you to recover if you are upset or have received a shock. So the humble kettle can be quite important in family life.

    • I think Americans can really learn something from that. It sounds like the British take a moment and have a chat when something isn’t going right. Americans pour another cup of coffee from the pot and go back to pounding away at the problem without stepping back to think about what the problem really is.

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