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  1. That’s quite informative! I’ve always thought that the term United Kingdom included Ireland as well.
    And I’ve been smitten by Wordsworth ever since I’d read Daffodils back in school 🙂

  2. hi Joy, you need a clearly visible warning above the video that the poem reading is BBC content. In Britain many people no longer watch television and so do not pay a BBC license fee as they do not watch live TV/BBC content. Providers may be liable for the £1000 fine to individuals for whom such content is played unknowingly. Luckily I spotted it just in time so no worries for me but if the BBC label is hidden from view when hitting that play button it would be a problem. Sorry I know you’re busy but I’m sure you don’t need that kind of problem.

    Interesting post but I’m confused as the Atlantic Ocean is somewhere over near Iceland/Greenland and we’re in the North Sea not the ocean. I’ll have to dig out my atlas in case I’m in error but our sea’s not as deep as the ocean. I s’pose the seabed might have fallen in with all the drilling and I’m a bit out of touch and the internet is full of hoax information and so are some books with all the self-publishing and so on and vanity publishing even before that. And I just realised that was an April 1st posting so it’s gotta be a joke.

    • I embedded the BBC content from the BBC using their embed tool. I know there are many things that they don’t share, but apparently they are happy for everyone to see this poem.

      Wikipedia says that Great Britain is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean. The North Sea is a marginal sea of the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, I just looked all that up. I’m quite clueless about the geography of oceans since I live about as far as one can get from one.

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