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  1. I haven’t heard of this author and I didn’t know about March Magic, wish I had! I like the magic of Harry Potter so I’d probably be on board with this book.

  2. I’ve heard of the book – not read it – so that’s one I’ll have to try. Last night was the first of 3 parts to And Then There Were None on PBS – I think (It’s been years since I sort of read it) it’s Ten Little Indians – the cast list from Charles Dance to Anna Maxwell Martin is special – and I was just captivated.

  3. I’ve never read Howl’s Moving Castle but I understand it’s wonderful. As far as author Diana Wynne Jones goes, once upon a time —back in 2000 when there were only 4 Harry Potter books—I wrote an article for a family magazine : What to Read when You’ve Finished Harry Potter. Potter, as you know, boosted reading—especially among boys—and the article was meant to make the most of their new found passion. Wynne Jones came up again and again with the librarians I consulted for the piece. As you know, for kids who love magic and fantasy she’s a great resource. I think Harry Potter was good for her too, putting some of her out of print books back on the market. Good ol’ Harry Potter strikes again!

  4. Sim, I worked in a public library during the Potter years and did indeed give a lot of HP fans Howl’s Moving Castle or other DWJ books! It’s a wonderful story.

    This week I’ve got two DWJ novellas and medieval Oxfordshire.

  5. I am so very glad you squeezed in a Diana Wynne Jones read this month! Howl is such a wonderful book for anyone who loves Britain. Her inclusion of real places also helps bolster my hopes that magic really does exist somewhere. 😉
    The two “sequels” are wonderful, with House of Many Ways being one of my absolute favorite DWJs for many reasons. I hope you do get to them eventually! And I like to say that the Howl film is its own separate entity from the book. If you compare them, one or the other suffers. But if you consider both on their own, they are both magical and fabulous. I definitely recommend it after that caveat.

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