Stage Fright on a Summer Night #BookReview #BriFri — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, I do write letters and use stationary when I have some. I also type letters but a do a few handwritten letters to several people. It’s becoming a lost art and I know people appreciate a letter in the mailbox. Good for you writing to the little girl.

    Thanks so much for highlighting this book. It sounds amazing, heck I would love a book like that if it were real! My granddaughter is too young for it but I plan to buy a copy for when she is older.

  2. My kids loved the MTH series, though I must have missed the ‘box office’ part. I learned about the box office at the Globe.

    My SIL is in London right now and we are all feeling particularly jealous, so today I bought ingredients to make Cornish pasties. I hope they come out OK–crusts have never been my strong point!

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