Book Lists — Long and Short! #WeNeedDiverseBooks #BookClub — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve read Small Great Things, and whilst admiring Jodi Poccult’s desire to show how racism ruins lives, I felt the story was rather contrived. A black hospital nurse is banned by racist parents from looking after their child, but she has to in an emergency, during which time the child dies. The nurse ends up in court, I am not sure if it is for killing the child, or for not attempting to save it. The fact that she’s in court before any internal investigation has been carried out, or postmortem performed, stretched credulity. However, it’s a good story, well told, and may help some people reassess the way they behave with others.

    • Thanks, Michelle Ann! That’s a helpful concern to have in mind as we go into the reading and, especially, the discussion of the story.

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