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  1. My sister, who has read all the Master and Commander books, also likes the Hornblower series by C. S. Forester, which sound like similar types of book, although written in the 1930s. I vaguely remember seeing the film with Gregory Peck play the lead part many years ago, although there have been more modern adaptations.

  2. Michelle Ann’s comment reminded me that I also vaguely remembered seeing Gregory Peck with one of those admiral caps on! I looked it up and found a review written by Bosley Crowther in 1951 when Captain Horatio Hornblower starring Gregory Peck opened. These lines about the female presence stand out :

    “And sweet Lady Barbara Wellsley, the beauteous sister of the Duke of Wellington, is no more than a dash of femininity in Virginia Mayo’s prim portrayal of the role.

    But that’s all the beauteous lady is permitted to be in this film, which is given much more to straight swash-buckling than to dalliance of the delicate kind. Enough romance to hold the franchise is all Director Raoul Walsh has allowed. The rest of the time he has devoted to sea battles, escapades and duels.”
    Here’s the link to the review in the NYTimes 1951 if you’re interested—

  3. I adored the Patrick O’Brian books & happily, also love the movie. The friendship is at the heart of the story, and I was pleased how well they captured that in the movie. The horrir of war on board ship was also really brought home on the movie. I wish they had turned more of the books into movies.

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