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  1. That sounds wild! Now I’m really annoyed with myself that I didn’t start following along when you first told us about The Archers! Isn’t it amazing how we can get all wrapped up in the fictional drama, especially when it’s a scenario that plays out in the real world far too often!
    I’m feeling very British this week: watched the finale to season one of Luther and was blown away! Do you remember how it ended? WOW!
    Happily watching Grantchester and Happy Valley which is enough to make this James Norton fan a happy camper.
    And for #TBT I reposted Put the kettle on, love“ about being homesick for England.
    Here’s this week’s British Isles Friday post

  2. That is quite a show, I had not heard of it and have to admit being unfamiliar with Podcasts. Hoping not to sound stupid but but, could that series be downloaded to an iPad and I could listen? If you missed the episodes would I need to pick up where you are now?

    As I am not on Twitter anymore I didn’t see the explosion over this series, so glad you posted the links to The Telegraph. Ok, catching up to do on #BIF from last week!

  3. I missed your earlier alert about this show, too, and am kicking myself. Although I don’t really NEED another addictive podcast, I think I could get hooked on The Archers! For British connections this week, I’m listening to The Girl with All the Gifts by Mike Carey, narrated by Finty Williams. He’s an English author, and I just found out the book is being made into a movie in the UK.

  4. Sounds like quite a show. What connected me with the British this past week was Danny Willett from Yorkshire, UK winning the Masters golf tourney, and becoming only the second Englishman in history to do that. Kudos to Danny.

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