Luther & Idris Elba #BriFri — 7 Comments

  1. Oh, yes, I most definitely have a suggestion! If you haven’t watched The Wire (set in Baltimore, MD), you are missing out on some prime Idris Elba; the show is pretty dark, even though it’s not British.
    We’re waiting for the fourth season of Luther on NetFlix, too!

  2. I’m lucky to be just discovering Luther — which I’d heard so much about. Having watched the Wire, I was transfixed by Elba and while I’ve heard it said he may be too old to play Bond because they want an actor that can play him for the next half dozen movies, he’s not too old for me! We’re in season 1, episode 4 and after the explosive series opener, I am hooked but trying to slow down the bingeing. The relationships, as per usual in British Crime Dramas, are extraordinary, and my relationship with the show is one I want to last!
    Also Idris is a car fanatic, have you seen his show Idris Elba:King of Speed on BBC America?

  3. I think I am convinced to get Netflix just based on hearing about Luther.
    As I’ve said I love anything British!!!
    I have another walk down Memory Lane this time with better photos.

  4. Okay Joy, you have me interested in checking out the series Luther. I have not seen it yet and I have Netflix so why the heck not. Thanks for letting me know. I think Elba is great to watch.

  5. I just realized that I could have linked up my post from last Thursday when I visited before, so I’ve done it now and will check out the other links that weren’t there on my first visit, too!

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