Stretches! #ReadersWorkouts — 7 Comments

  1. I always stretch before and after I run and the short Pilates routines I’ve been doing all include a bit of stretching. There are a few stretches I’ll do occasionally just to relax a bit during the day. Too much sitting sometimes gets to my back.

  2. Slow go to recovery! Wishing you the best.My favorite stretch is ankle on one knee while lying flat on the floor and raise weighted knee and then change legs. It feels so good!

  3. Hi Joy!
    I’ve never had an injury, but I suppose you have to be careful afterwards. Hope your back is improving with those stretches!
    It’s a coincidence, but yesterday I watched a video about exercises to prevent back injuries (stretchings too) and I did them yesterday and today, just in case!

  4. Someone told me that stretching before you exercise isn’t the recommended thing to do anymore, because of the risk of injuring yourself that way, so I stopped doing it a couple of years ago. Who knows what’s best, right? My husband and I are doing a line dance weekend — marathon daytime line dance workshops and nighttime dancing today and tomorrow — for my Reader’s Workout!

  5. Yeah stretching is a must. I think I do it more after exercise than before. But I like to go to yoga classes b/c of the stretching. Feels great after class.

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