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  1. Oh Joy! Thanks so much for this; I don’t rural roots but I do have British roots (the link takes you to my piece about being homesick for those roots) and was so taken by your title “How an American girl got hooked on a British soap opera” I’m thrilled to discover both British Isles Friday AND The Archers. Can’t wait to dive in!

  2. Oh Joy, I couldn’t comment in this post when you published it, but I wanted to tell you that I began listening to The Archers when I was preparing my English exam. My teacher suggested it, and I loved it 😀
    The thing is that Lillian was having an affair with a man called Paul and then Paul died and I stopped listening because they were my favourite plot haha.
    BBC Radio 4 has lots of good podcasts. I liked one titled “In our time” as well, which is a conversation about a topic in science, history, etc. Very interesting.
    You have reminded me a lot of things with this post!!

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