Book Review: Your Food is Fooling You by David A. Kessler — 14 Comments

  1. Very interesting. Fortunately, overeating has never really been an issue for me. Slowing metabolism, despite exercise, is more of a problem as I get older.

  2. Great post, Joy! Your last sentence really drives the point home — capitalism has really spread the “American” way of eating. Just look at the huge portions in some restaurants! And then you mention Chili’s food trick with the chicken. No wonder there’s an obesity epidemic.

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  4. Oy, the more I read the less I want to eat out. Let alone is it expensive for our family of 5, it’s just outright scary. Not to say I don’t know how my meat is handled before it gets to the store, but I can control what other ingredients I add to it to make a meal. Stopping by from Weekend Cooking and Book Bloggers do it Better.

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  6. We don’t eat out often, mainly because we can’t afford to, but also my husband cooks really well so it’s hard for me to find something on the menu at a place like Chili’s that he couldn’t cook better and more healthfully. (That’s good for me, and not so good for him, I guess!) The downside of that is when we do end up at a place like Chili’s I usually go for something that comes with French fries, since we don’t do much deep-frying at home.

  7. The more we learn about how our food is processed the more disturbing it becomes (and the harder it is to eat healthy when you realize the odds are against you). It really does take a whole new way of looking at preparing meals and making better choices. Mass production may be efficient but we sure pay a price. I can only imagine what a former FDA commissiooner has seen…

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  9. Interesting, these types of books generally don’t freak me out the way that they do a lot of people (seriously, the IDEA of pink slime doesn’t even faze me… I might need to see someone about this.), BUT I’m always interested in new ways to deal with portion control problems.

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