Sunday Salon — March 9 — 6 Comments

  1. A very pretty gift package!
    I hate losing this hour today. I’m already more behind than usual, just by changing the clocks. Today I’m going to a play this afternoon and I’m not sure how I’m going to like it. It’s called The Whale, and it’s about a man who weighs 600 pounds. (It’s part of our season tickets; otherwise, I think I might have skipped this one.) At least it’s sunny outside; spring is coming!

  2. That is a lovely purple bow 🙂

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your review of Your Food is Fooling You and think I should probably obtain a copy for myself. I found the Chili’s chicken “secret” fascinating (and a disturbing).

  3. Happy Sunday, Joy! 🙂

    That bridal shower sounds like fun. I love The Secret Garden and now I want to reread it. I’ll wait and start on the first day of spring. Have a good day.

  4. I love that idea of a kitchen themed gift with a recipe and an ingredient.

    We gave our niece a copy of The Secret Garden a few years ago. One of my favorite books from my own childhood.

  5. such a pretty package 🙂
    I’ve never read The Secret Garden. I have a copy in my library though and it’s been on my list. I’ve seen and loved the movie forever!
    I’ll have to check out Your Food Is Fooling You. I love truth about food. Now if I could just convince my tastebuds.

  6. I check out Your Food is Fooling You after last week and you comment about it. Now to actually read it. I am attempting a lifestyle change by eating as clean as I can and rethinking convenience foods and eating out as often as we did. In the two months since I’ve started I’ve lost 16 pounds but I think more importantly I am starting to think differently about myself and about eating. I’m hopeful if you have lost 70 pounds that I can, too.

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