Readers’ Workouts — February 11 — 6 Comments

  1. I tried in the late 90s to be a runner, and to like lifting weights, but I got so bored that working out was a chore and I stopped. I’m still not a natural runner. Karate keeps me interested, and the techniques are always changing.

    Managed to score some points on the sparring instructor last night, which made me happy. Fitbit says my sleep is so much better when I work out!

  2. I don’t know that I’ve outgrown a form of exercise. I know I need to do more strength training but I find it boring. That’s why I enjoy this boot camp. I am not finding it boring at all so it’s giving me new ideas of what I can do to make something I find dull something other than that. We have a Wii and I don’t use it very much. I did for a while but it wasn’t challenging enough. I also know that, because I don’t have any stairs in our home (only 3 steps down from the deck lead me to the back yard), I do need to use my step because, when I go to visit my mother, I’m always surprised by how hard those steps seem after little to no practice.

  3. For me, there has to be some component of fun and some component of growth to keep me interested in exercise. So I like my barre class because it feels like ballet, and both my barre and regular toning/aerobics classes aren’t the same repetitive thing over and over throughout the hour (or week to week). This piques my interest and makes me want to keep going.

    My four workouts a week keep chugging along, and I’ve started joining in twitter challenges for, say, 50 squats throughout the day, or getting up from my desk for a five minute walk every hour.

  4. Over the years I have tried video workout tapes, but I tire very easily of them. My favorite exercise is walking. I was going to try walking this week but the weather is so bitter cold, right now it is -4F that I’m finding it difficult to get my mojo moving.

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