Wondrous Words Wednesday — 9 Comments

  1. I started reading a book about chemistry a few weeks ago and learned about chemistry/quicksilver. It’s funny how the author shared the same memory that you did. It’s what made him learn all that he could about chemistry.

  2. Once, when I was about 4, a thermometer broke while in my mouth! OMG, my mom panicked about 9 different ways, but she was also quick-thinking enough to have me march straight to the sink and spit. No damage from either glass or mercury, thank goodness.

  3. I remember that too, Joy. I think he also coated a penny with it, made it look like a very shiny dime with the wrong president on it. Also vaguely remember Mother was a little grumpy until he carefully put it in some container and put it in the outside trash can.

  4. Thanks for sharing the memory. Seems all of us of a “certain age” have those same memories. I like the word “quicksilver” too. It is just so descriptive.

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