The Shocking Truth about Diet Books — 19 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing, Joy! I think I’ve read the Beck book before. I believe CBT works really well in general, helping us to investigate/challenge our thoughts and influence our behaviors. Good luck with your goal!

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  3. What I think is interesting about your post is that you became and expert and have the books read and the pounds lost to prove it. I wish more experts were like you, the real deal!

  4. I agree Joy – our diets are our choice. Any book that helps us to make healthier choices is a good one.
    For me, I choose books by Michael Pollan and I use the Fast Diet approach to eating. I also have a great book by Cyndi O’Meara (Australian) that reinforces the Pollan message.
    A balanced diet, smaller portions & fresh produce are my motto – I’ve been much healthier and happier since following these simple ‘rules.’

    Good luck with your investigations 🙂

  5. I couldn’t agree more — what works for one person is not necessarily going to work for another. And people really need to get the idea that dieting is something short term: drop some pounds and go back to the way you used to eat just won’t keep the pounds off. A lifestyle change is what’s needed, which is why it’s so hard to drop a few (or a lot) of pounds.

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  7. I have read many of diet books but not these two. You sound like me when I pursue something I turn to books to learn everything I can about it 🙂 I particularly like the idea behind Tosca Reno’s book, not necessarily her recipes but the idea – eating clean and this is what I try to do.

  8. You are right, it’s all about lifestyle changes. I try and eat healthy foods but there are always temptations at work. Hard sometimes.
    Glad you liked my Cooking Light recipe. It’s a keeper.

  9. At the library, I see a lot of diet books going out that seem to be simply more reading material. I have a tendency to check them out, myself, without any intention of following the diet, just to see if it’s something I might want to try! One thing I’ve noticed tends to be true that thinner people tend to have thinner people as friends, because you’re on the outs if you’re managing to successfully lose weight among a group of perpetual “dieters”!

  10. Wow, you lost 70 pounds? Good for you! That is an amazing accomplishment.

    I have been eating a healthy diet for decades, so losing weight is more of a challenge – there isn’t a lot for me to improve on in terms of diet, other than less sugar (I do have a sweet tooth!) and smaller portions.

    Anyway, your story is an inspiring one, and these books sound very helpful.


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  11. This is an interesting read, thank you for sharing! While I haven’t read any diet books before, I do believe healthy choices and being mindful of what we eat can make a world of difference even before we might want to lose weight.
    Good luck on your goal 🙂

  12. An interesting post as always Joy. Modern diets around the world have similar problems, and there is so much contradictory advice out there. I think the advice needs to get simple too- Pollans mantra of eat food, not too much, most plants is perfect. I think of that often, but don’t always succeed in following it.

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