How to Use Google+, Even if You’re not a Geek ~ A Book Review — 22 Comments

  1. Hi Joy, I’ve ignored google+ for about a year but have recently started paying attention to it again. It’s kind of a cool system to use for photographers because the images on the white background are well showcased. So much to discover that I actually have to set a timer. Even 20 minutes of pinterest, of tumbler, or facebook, of google+, of flickr per day and there goes almost 2 hours!

    • There’s a chapter in What the Plus! about photographs that makes the argument that Google+ is a better space for photography. That’s one of the reasons I’ve become more interested as well.

  2. Hi Joy-

    Thanks for the valuable info – if I can figure out a way to process this new info into a old system in this cranium of mine – will give it a go. (Sometime after NaNao and PAD challenges even I have a limit -lol)


  3. Thanks for this info, Joy. I have a Google plus – we all had to get one at MNINBs platform challenge, right – But Ive never used it. Ill give it a lookover now. Yes, Im over 40, and I review books on GoodReads regularly – could I do so on Google + (my keyboard wont print apostrophes or question marks this morning, sorry.)

    • The book bloggers don’t review books on Google+ so much as link to their book reviews from Google+. It presents the book cover more attractively than Facebook and invites a longer description of the link or longer snippet of the review.

  4. Lori Sailiata recommended “What the Plus!” and I blasted through it. Now Google+ makes more sense to me. Thanks for sharing your circles. But “Midlife Women”? I feel I’m just getting started at 49. Hahaha!

    • Me, too, Amy! And, I’m 51. Actually, you may love this group — they are very energetic about trying out new things. They are quite active on Facebook, too, and seeking writers for their website.

  5. I read the book also a few months ago, and while it was very helpful, the other problem other than not having an index, is that a print book can’t be updated. So many changes have been made to G+ since this book was published not that long ago that it is better to get advice about social media online.

  6. I’m still figuring out Google+. I think I got a little circle happy in my earlier days, so now I’m trying to figure out a way to organize all the posts I get. (I do like having Communities, though. That’s a nice feature.)

  7. Joy, is there a community of “older” women? I’m not “midlife,” I’m afraid!

    Seriously, thanks for this. I post to Google+ but I haven’t learned to use it well or expand to groups beyond WSS. Are you suggesting (or is Kawasaki) that we should go public with our posts? Obviously, I need to read his book!

  8. I was just at a conference where Guy spoke but I missed it – I didn’t realize who he was! Now I follow him on Twitter. I just joined Google+ this week so I’m just figuring it out. I’m excited about all the Ed Tech circles.

  9. Thanks for this review, Joy. I’m “on” Google+ but have never really gotten into using it the way I use Twitter and Facebook, so this book sounds perfect for me. I’ll check out both of the Book Bloggers Circle and the Women of Midlife Circle too. And as a professional book indexer, I agree 100% about books in print needing indexes 🙂 (Actually, non-fiction ebooks need indexes, too, but as of this date there still isn’t any standard way to compile ebook indexes, which need to link to a position on a page rather than to individual pages themselves.)

  10. Fascinating! A good friend of mine has tried to get me to board the Google + train, but I never really understood its place in social networking. This sounds like I book I should read to connect with those in all my interests: reading, midlife, photography, and writing 🙂

  11. Hey Joy,

    Yes, I HIGHLY recommend the ebook version as it is always kept up-to-date. In the ever-changing world of social media, hardcover books are obsolete before the ink is dry. The other plus to the electronic version is all of the hot-links to more info.

    I also recommend following +Guy Kawasaki, +Peg Fitzpatrick, and +Martin Shervington. They follow back. Don’t believe me? Just check out my followers. How cool is that. Why you are there, circle me too. I know you do already, Joy, but that’s an invite to your other readers as well.

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