Green Tomato Recipe — 27 Comments

  1. I can’t pronounce the name but this sounds wonderful. I am going to have to look for some green tomatoes at the farmer’s market and try it. I am always on the lookout for good meatless dishes. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  2. I never have fried green tomatoes before. This sounds delicious. Didn’t know the other Aarti had retired her blog. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us. BTW, that’s a good movie, Fried Green Tomatoes…

  3. I love any recipe with tomatoes-one of the advantages to living in California is we get great tomatoes all year-I think I have a slice every day.

  4. This looks fantastic — great idea for not wasting the end of the harvest. My mother-in-law makes a sweet green tomato pie when she has green tomatoes to use up — my older daughter just loves it!

  5. That looks fabulous Joy, and it’s so great that you got to use up the tomatoes rather than letting them go to waste just because the weather got in the way.

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  7. That’s a wonderful photo of you and your harvest! Every year we plan to pick all the green tomatoes still left in the garden and do something with them, but once again, we didn’t do it before the cold weather hit!

  8. This recipe has been used in our family for many years. My problem now is that I have trouble finding green tomatoes! The recipe is very simple, but I salt and pepper the tomatoes a little and add a little white flour to the cornmeal. My mother would sprinkle a little sugar – white or brown – on the tomato after she turned them. When the sugar melts and is crusty the tomato is done.

  9. I’ve only just planted my tomatoes this weekend, so a few months to go before I end up with that end of season glut of green tomatoes that won’t ripen. I’m definitely bookmarking this recipe for when that time comes around. My other favourite use for them is in a Green Tomato Cake I posted earlier this year with a Maple Mascarpone Frosting

  10. It is my least favorite job but I need to clean my garden out as well and see what has survived our little frosts. This recipe looks interesting as I am not a fan of fried green tomatoes.

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