Turning Toward Travel — October Memoir Challenge — 10 Comments

  1. Love the idea of travel in the fall and winter (as long as the water in the bottle doesn’t freeze!). Great pics. My travel profile? Oh, my… very low. Always has been as life and a low budget has been a distraction all along. Yay for you on your trips to Ireland (a dream destination for this Irish gal!) and France. I’ll live vicariously through you and other travelers until I can one day get a passport… or at least on the road.


  2. What an interesting way to approach this subject, Joy. Yes, my travel habits have changed. When I married, Ian had no interest in travel – but he wanted to improve his french. We went to St Pierre et Miquelin (off the coast of Newfoundland) to take a summer immersion course in French, then the next year, we took a French course in France. That was our last holiday B.C. – before children – and for a LONG time there was no travel, except a few family trips in Canada. Until they grew up, and we began traveling again.

    • England is next on my list. But we haven’t got a specific plan, yet. Waiting to see how some other things play out first.

  3. I, too, am a fan of your photos. The last one is adorable!

    I have not gone overseas and my hope is to visit the village my grandmother grew up in in Hungary. There are vineyards in the family and I want to walk them and see the graveyard with the headstones and the small church my grandmother loved, hopefully access the archives there.

    Mostly I travel for my work. I love that. I apply for residencies for art and am looking to apply at european sites this winter–once I produce enough new work to submit with an application that is!

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