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  1. I love the enclosed sun porch on your house. Funny how no matter how long you lived in a place, you always felt ready to move. I’m the opposite – no matter how short a time I stay in a place – even if I know in advance it’ll be only a few years, and it is – I put down roots so deep it’s a wrench to leave. I love to travel, but I need to be tied to a place I’m coming back to.

  2. I am coming back to this concept of rootedness that you write about.

    Your deeper focus and my involvement in Kirkwood happened at the same time, caused by the same tragic event, that propelled me from feeling “not from here” to “wanting to make a difference here.”

    We moved here in August 2007 and are still here. I deeply miss my home across the state and thought that is where my husband, children, and I would be forever. It still feels temporary in Kirkwood because we haven’t purchased a home here, just recently selling our home in Lee’s Summit.

    It makes me wonder how long it takes to feel rooted, even though I am one of the longest residents of our little street in our townhome community. 5 years? 10 years? I wonder.

    I remain intrigued by this concept in this blog post.


  3. What an interesting post. When my former husband and I first moved to Sudbury, it was a temporary move for both of us. We’d met in Toronto and were moving to his hometown just to establish ourselves financially so we could move back to the city with enough money to set ourselves up properly. I tried to make friends, but my normally deep sense of commitment wasn’t engaged yet. It was only when my husband left our marriage that I had to decide to stay in Sudbury or move away. It’s a tough choice, but I decided to deepen my roots here. There are days when it’s still a challenge, but I don’t regret my decision (yet!).

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