Readers’ Workouts — October 22 — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks to my finger, my exercising has been very limited. Yesterday I did chair yoga and abs. Today I will probably do the same although I may add some lower body. It really depends. I can’t afford to lose my balance and injure my other hand. Typing with only 7 fingers is tedious.

    • Take care of yourself! Good for you for making sure that you get in something. I find it so helpful to have a kind of placeholder that keeps the time devoted to exercise and helps me continue to think of myself as someone who exercises.

  2. Way to go!!! I’m so excited to be linking up again starting in November (all about the books this month) – but I’ve been running (ummm … jogging/walking/crawling) outside surrounded by the gorgeous color of changing leaves.

  3. I made it through a karate group class and the following sparring class without further injuring my right calf, and I didn’t completely baby it either.

    Also managed to get hit in the face, but that was my fault and it was a very light touch from the instructor.

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