Aging Gracefully — A GenFab Post — 24 Comments

  1. Joy, what wonderful three women you have chosen as examples. Thanks for helping us remember how much they accomplished throughout their lives.

  2. LOL Love the farmer’s tan. But seriously, love seeing you with your mom and grandma. Great pic. And you are right, in order to benefit from good genes, you still have to eat healthy and exercise. Nice post Joy!

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  4. So true Joy. As I age I start looking at older women and seeing their vitality…or lack of. I often think of my aunt and my father, both died at 70 thru complications from cancer, and think about the steps they could have taken earlier in their lives to prevent these cancers, (or at least mitigate the damage). Testing, no prescription drugs known to be carcinogens, healthy diet, exercise etc. I’m following that myself.

  5. I’m with you Joy. I can’t stop myself from aging, but I can age WELL. I started thinking about this years ago when my “Oma” (Dutch for grandmother) used to tell me: “It’s a great life, if you don’t weaken!” I believe in the power of exercise, healthy diet, and passion. Thanks for shining the light on the wonderful possibilities of age!

  6. I love your three generation photo. And thanks for the book recommendations. I admire all of these women, but I haven’t sought out books about them! This is why I love the blog hops; so much diversity on the same topic.

  7. Beautiful family photo! I love your definition of aging gracefully: creativity and service. Those will surely fill you – and others – with grace.

  8. How wonderful to have that photograph and your memories of both your mother and grandmother. And I love your examples of grace, graciousness, gracefulness in the women and books you mention.

    Somewhere, I have a picture of myself in my early twenties, my mother at about 50, and her mother in her early 70s – all of us in front of a portrait of my grandmother at 21. I am now the “elder” generation, and keeper of my grandmother’s portrait – always a source of connection, wisdom, and love – and a reminder of a life lived fully and also with enormous grace and strength.

  9. What a wonderful photo! You are right on the money about lifestyle differences making such a difference. I’ve made some changes, but hope I wasn’t too late!

  10. I love that photo of the three of you. And this line really resonates with me:

    “Aging Gracefully, to me, means seeking opportunities to create and serve at every age.”

    I believe the key to staying young is to stay active. At every age we need to have a purpose. My personal motto has always been this: “The three essentials in life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”

    Great post.