John Barrowman: My Celebrity Crush — A GenFab Post — 25 Comments

  1. Ah, Jack. He is a handsome devil, but I have trouble trusting him. He’s a bit too charming, too clever. But he’s very entertaining to watch. I’d choose the Doctor over Jack any day. (As if I have any real chance with any celebrity! But a girl can dream.) Fun post!

  2. I love that you chose Barrowman. I loved Captain Jack in Doctor Who, but he was so dark in Torchwood. I couldn’t keep watching (okay, it scared me, too). I love the video he and Tennant and Tate did, “The Ballad of Russell and Jule.” I’m assuming you’ve seen it. I’ve watched it so many times, but it still makes me smile. That looks like the most fun cast ever, doesn’t it?

  3. Thank you for the post, Joy, because I am unaware (ashamedly) of John Barrowman AND Doctor Who). I will have to take a peek to see what you are talking about. Sounds exciting! Thanks for opening my eyes.


  4. Since we’re leaning Brit and somewhat literary, I will confess that having seen Foyle’s War – episode after episode – I have a very soft place in my heart for actor Michael Kitchen.

    I’d seen him in many other things of course – a character actor who pops up here and there (Enchanted April? Was that it?) – but after Foyle, I was quite smitten. There is a subtlety to his expressions, a quiet composure to the character – and naturally I realize the production of the television series with its fine writing and attention to detail is what made this unlikely “hero” so appealing.

    Those of us who are struck by particular characters that lack the “obvious” charms may find our admiration for the individuals involved remains a bit steadier. It tends to be based on talent or smarts or heart, rather than the appeal of the exterior – even knowing nothing of their real lives.

    • Michael Kitchen’s Foyle is a terrific character. I think you’re right that the fascination stays longer when it’s about something other than just looks.

  5. Love the lighthearted tone of this post. I chuckled when I got to the part I’m auditioning new ones and considered the idea myself for a moment. I’ll have to check out Dr. Who now. Thank you!

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