How We Met — a GenFab post — 26 Comments

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  2. What a nice story! Curious: did your relationship cause any issues at the office? Things were different in those days.

    • Not really — it was a small technology company so we liked to think of ourselves as cutting edge in all ways, including a high tolerance for office romance and other high jinx.

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  4. Happy anniversary! You’re a lucky girl in more ways than one! That your soon to be husband was willing to decorate more than one tree a year shows his commitment! LOL.
    Wonderful heartwarming story!

  5. Joy, Isn’t it amazing how we get so flustered when we first meet the one we’re going to love? Something in our bodies know before our brain does! Happy Anniversary! I bet so many memories come flooding back when you put up and decorate your tree!

  6. I think I would have either run through the questions too fast or said what questions? Those blue eyes are just too distracting! Thanks for sharing this blog hop and your stories. Jane Ann, thank you for inspiring us down this path. And thank you, Joy, for giving me an excuse to take another blog hop. Just memoir pieces right?

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