Weekend Cooking: Heart Health in February — 10 Comments

  1. Joy, this is timely. I had been looking at my old low-fat, freezer (make-ahead) cookbook published by Prevention Magazine and thinking it was time to get back to some of those recipes. Prevention also publishes quite a few heart-healthy recipes at their website.

  2. Love! My husbands family has a history of heart issues so I’m trying to shift him to eating better. ‘We’ (you, me, others) need to keep forging forward – sharing tips, books, ideas, how important general health is. Fingers crossed… I hope all my efforts pay off when I’m 100!

  3. Joy, thanks for listing some great books above and including links to Goodreads with your photos! I’m looking forward to getting ideas from the Healthy Families Cookbook you reviewed back in 2011. Keep being healthy!

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