Book Review: The New American Heart Association Cookbook — 5 Comments

  1. It looks really good! I guess that, with wanting to substitute for healthier ingredients (something that I tend to do all the time), sometimes makes a dish less appealing or at least less recognizable. So maybe you didn’t have a “real” gyros sandwich, you had a really tasty sandwich, and that’s what counts? 🙂

  2. Sometimes cookbooks like these try too hard to show people that eating healthy doesn’t mean eating boring. But the sandwich, even if not authentic gyro, certainly sounds like it would taste really, really good. I’d probably just cut a pita in half and stuff it — I think that would cut down on the breadiness.

  3. This is the cookbook I should be using and will definitely take a look at it. This recipe for chicken gyro souns delicious and I love tzatziki, which I buy to put on cold beets. I never made it, but with a recipe will. Thanks for the inspiration.