Book Review: Diabetes and Heart Healthy Meals for Two — 14 Comments

  1. I actually have everything on hand to try this recipe out. I love a good coleslaw but this one with oranges sound special. I like the way you analyzed the book and the recipe.

  2. This sounds really lovely – I’d gobble it up in a heartbeat. My question, though: my partner doesn’t care for ginger at all (much to my dismay.) Do you think the recipe would be as nice without it? I’d love to try it out sometime!

  3. The recipe looks tasty (lemon & ginger, great combination!), but I’m in doubt… won’t the coleslaw turn out too watery? Maybe I should give it a try anyways (instead with regular leafy lettuce types), I’m just not used to making salads out of cabbage 🙂

  4. caite: the onion would give it a nice bit of punch

    Nan: your slaw recipe looks delicious — I’m going to make it with my next head of cabbage

    Margot: hope you like it!

    BethF: thanks!

    Kate: I think it would work without the ginger. It would be fruity and sweet which is a nice change for a cabbage salad.

    Chinoiseries: cabbage holds up to a lot of abuse! I really like cabbage salads in the winter because lettuce can get expensive and sometimes sour. Cabbage stays steady at .99 a pound at our supermarket and the flavor is always the same.

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