Readers’ Workouts April 3 — 10 Comments

    • My favorite sources for exercise videos: the library, Collage Video where they have clips, and my new Team BeachBody coach, Melanie Gottlieb, who has built a terrific community with her clients and around those video sets (like Slim in 6) that you see advertised on infomercials.

  1. Nice job Joy! I just did not get a post together this week but hopefully week 2! I have been doing a good job getting back into my weight lifting class with a goal of three times a week. Today I took my bike out for the first time in 2012 and biked 14 miles with a 600 calorie loss! Felt good!!!

  2. Wow, you are doing a lot already. 1400 minutes in a month is not bad at all – especially compared to my ZERO minutes.
    I am planning to go swimming regularly starting next week. But am not sure at all how much I will get done. I have to think of some sort of spreadsheet. Oh, wait a minute. Leeswammes talked about a website to track your progress. Must ask her, online thingies suit me…:)

    • Good luck finding the right online thingie — sometimes, that is exactly the key!

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