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  1. I think this is a pretty good idea. One of my goals for April is to exercise every other day. Are you going to make another logo but in a different color?

    • Oh, that’s a good idea. Maybe people would like a choice — because one color scheme might fit their blogs better than another?

  2. I prefer the right logo to the left, because I just like pink. The font can be read easily and it definitely conveys something work-out-ish.
    I am definitely in your target group (much more bookish than athletic), so I will come back here on Tuesday and see whether this is for me. I have big trouble with self motivation when it comes to working out.

  3. I love the logos!

    i like them as is, but if you’re looking to polish them, the one thing i’d say would be to focus in closer, and have fewer figures? (simplify, i think, so less is going on in a small area?)

    but really, that’s just nitpicking. if you like it, you should go with it as is. Both are lovely.

  4. Nice job Joy! I hope to be a more consistent commenter…. just life and all…. I like the idea of the different choices of colored logo for people to choose. Its April 1 and I need to get it in gear…. REALLY.

  5. I was never athletic. Then I got into shape and it was awesome and amazing and I had so much energy.

    Then I got out of shape again. ANYTHING that will help with the motivation? I’m in! I do often listen to audiobooks while on the treadmill. Or, I did. Sometimes, though, you need a beat to keep you moving.

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