logo for Readers' WorkoutsWelcome to the inaugural event of Readers’ Workouts. This is meant to create an encouraging space for meeting our exercise goals, small and large. Everyone is welcome to participate. I hope that this will be a particularly comfortable place for people who think of themselves as more bookish than athletic.

Readers’ Workouts takes over, with Mari’s permission, a project started at Bookworm with a View called CHECKpoint!. The idea is that each Tuesday, we report our exercise progress for the previous week and state goals for the upcoming week. Setting and tracking goals as part of a community is great for both accountability and support. Set up your goals and reporting system in any way that works for you. Feel free to experiment, changing formats from week to week — it can take a while to figure out what works best.

Grab the logo to use on your own blog (or use the less bright version I made during Bloggiesta: Bloggiesta — Readers’ Workouts). When you’ve completed your progress report, link it using the Mr. Linky below. Then, be sure to visit the other participants to support their exercise goals.

If you don’t have a blog, or prefer not to post there, use the comments for reporting progress and expressing support.

Here’s my report. I didn’t meet my goal of 1400 minutes in March, missing it by over 200 minutes. I could offer excuses, but I think I’ll just move on….

I’m aiming for 1400 minutes again in April, anyway. I wouldn’t make that big of a leap in exercise minutes if I thought all the added minutes would be aerobic. I’m quite sure that I will be doing lots of lunges, squats, and hauling stuff in my garden.

My second goal is to do a total body video workout every other day — the odd days. I’ve been alternating the first phase of Slim in 6 (35 minutes) with the 45-minute Fat Burning Fusion (an Ellen Barrett video I featured in this post: Barefoot Workout). By the end of the month, I would like to have the second phase of Slim in 6 (55 minutes) in the rotation. I’m also reserving the right to use my 30 Day Shred video on the busiest days since it only takes 20 minutes.

This week’s links are closed. See the current Readers’ Workouts to post reports.

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Readers’ Workouts April 3 — 10 Comments

    • My favorite sources for exercise videos: the library, Collage Video where they have clips, and my new Team BeachBody coach, Melanie Gottlieb, who has built a terrific community with her clients and around those video sets (like Slim in 6) that you see advertised on infomercials.

  1. Nice job Joy! I just did not get a post together this week but hopefully week 2! I have been doing a good job getting back into my weight lifting class with a goal of three times a week. Today I took my bike out for the first time in 2012 and biked 14 miles with a 600 calorie loss! Felt good!!!

  2. Wow, you are doing a lot already. 1400 minutes in a month is not bad at all – especially compared to my ZERO minutes.
    I am planning to go swimming regularly starting next week. But am not sure at all how much I will get done. I have to think of some sort of spreadsheet. Oh, wait a minute. Leeswammes talked about a website to track your progress. Must ask her, online thingies suit me…:)

    • Good luck finding the right online thingie — sometimes, that is exactly the key!

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