Update 1: 48 Hour Book Challenge — 7 Comments

  1. Reading and working out all at once, bravo! My audio book turned out to be quite the pain and I’ve set my husband to the task of fixing the cds (I should have ordered a backup from the library but didn’t bother to think). I haven’t heard of any of the titles you mentioned (not that I can remember anyway, in my sleep deprived state) so I’m going to check those out once the challenge is over and I have had a chance to get some sleep. Happy reading!

  2. I love the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency books, but not enough to walk with them for an hour in this weather. Kudos! I’m focusing on Iowa Children’s Choice Award titles with some nonfiction and one ya for variety.

  3. Great job! And the main reason I bought an mP3 player was so I could listen to books while I walk. On my player for 48hbc is Leverage by Joshua Cohen. (Although in previous years you could see me walking in the neighborhood reading an ACTUAL book!)

  4. I started The Little Women Letters earlier this week, but am only about a chapter into it and put aside because I decided to focus on mysteries for my 48 hours. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it. Happy Reading!

  5. I loved No. 1 Ladies too– all the books in the series. I’ll have to look for Best Kept Secret. Kudos on your 48 hour project! I love your blog.

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