That Time the KKK Broke the Democratic Convention #100YearsAgo #SundaySalon — 9 Comments

  1. Interesting post … I didn’t realize how the Klan affected the conventions. I will watch the present day ones … which I’m sure will make things even more divided. I will have to read the Egan book sometime.

  2. I had to look up when was the last contested nomination where the candidate didn’t have the votes sewed up before the convention began. It has been 40 or 50 years, and even then I don’t think they had to go more than one ballot. Interesting.
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    • Unfortunately, it’s not quite the heroic story that one hopes for with that subtitle. One of the women that D.C. Stevenson (leader of the KKK in Indiana) abused, managed to make a death-bed affidavit that contributed to his downfall and, along with that, the downfall of the KKK in the 1920s.

  3. I can see that A Fever in the Heartland is a book that has stayed with you long after reading it. I feel like this book has elements from the past that might help me understand people today. I really know little about the KKK. I remember being shocked to read a self-published autobiography of a prominent lawyer, a close friend of my grandpa, and learning that he joined the KKK. The head of the KKK, or so the rumor went, lived in a neighboring town to me.

    Sometimes I feel that hatred is the stronger emotion, and I feel discouraged. The worst of all is hatred all dressed up for church or for a Fourth of July celebration. It’s hard to fight hatred without turning to hatred yourself, I think…

  4. I don’t know a lot about the KKK. We toured a Jewish Heritage this week that had a display about the Klan in their Hate section. I should read this, if only to understand a group of people I have so little tolerance of.

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